Nurse Anesthesiologist

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese form of healing which is performed with long needles of stainless steel. The Chinese believe that throughout the human body there are specific points along a network of channels, which are called meridians. These channels direct the flow of “Qi,” which is the body’s source of vital energy. If the Qi is flowing in order, the body will function perfectly. However, if the Qi is blocked at a specific point, the body will cease to function normally, and that is when the malady occurs.

When an acupuncturist begins to treat a patient, they will first gather a detailed history from them which includes their current symptoms, their past medical history, and details of their lifestyle, including diet. They will then decide at which points they need to treat the patient and will begin a series of acupuncture treatments, inserting the needles at these specific locations. Following these treatments, they may present the patient with a dietary and/or exercise regimen to assist in the healing process. Acupuncturists can help treat a large variety of illnesses, including arthritis, back pain, depression, and weight issues.

In order to practice as an acupuncturist, you must attain a bachelor’s degree, followed by attending and graduating from an accredited acupuncture school. Most states require that you be licensed in order to practice, instead of just certified, so you must then take your state licensing exam. It is best that you have good people skills if you decide to undertake this occupation, because there is a great deal of interaction with people. It is also best that you be able to practice with a high level of maturity and respect, in order to maintain successful patient relationships.

Acupuncturists sometimes work in offices and clinics, perhaps with other holistic healers or a chiropractor, and may also work independently in order to better serve their clients. They must be able to lift heavy objects, as their job may sometimes require them to lift their client from a wheelchair to a table or bed.

The outlook for a career as an acupuncturist is very promising as a result of the increasing popularity and awareness of holistic healing techniques. Depending on the area in which you practice, your salary can be up to and over $120,000 per year. The rate of salary varies greatly for this occupation. However, most starting salaries range more between $25,000 to $35,000, still making acupuncture a very lucrative career.