Aromatherapy Associates

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Job Description:

The booming industry of holistic and alternative treatments has paved the way to the emergence of great opportunities in the field of aromatherapy. In fact, a number of professional aromatherapists and aromatherapy associates are now practicing their expertise in a variety of settings.

Generally, aromatherapy is an ancient practice that makes use of essential oils to soothe a person's physical and psychological well-being. These oils are believed to carry medicinal properties that will aid in relieving different symptoms of ill health. Moreover, they are also used to replenish the mind, soul and body through relaxation and stress reduction.

Aromatherapists and aromatherapy associates perform diverse functions, which include the following:

  • gathering important information regarding the client's medical history, diet, and current lifestyle
  • choosing, mixing and applying essential oils
  • combining different blends of oils to use for bathing, inhaling, or massage
  • administering of oils through full or partial body massage
  • ensuring that the client feels comfortable all through the aromatherapy process
  • monitoring records of treatments and oils used for easy reference
  • determining the appropriate type of oil to use depending on the client's needs
Work Environment:

Professional aromatherapists and aromatherapy associates usually prefer to work independently. But there are also those who work in hospitals, treatment centers, spas, and natural health clinic. Aromatherapists and aromatherapy associates that practice independently have flexible working hours since they can choose to work during their most convenient time. Moreover, they usually work by appointment basis.

There are plenty of career opportunities available in the field of aromatherapy. Some work as an aromatherapy consultant, while others run a health/herbal store. In short the work setup varies greatly depending on the how they want to practice their knowledge on aromatherapy.

Education and Training Requirements:

Apparently, there is no standard educational requirement set for aspiring aromatherapy associates. However, in order to boost your career prospects, it is advised that you get a formal training and education.

To ensure that you safely and properly practice aromatherapy, it is recommended that you look for schools providing aromatherapy associate programs. Furthermore, you have to continue honing your skills to ensure that you are updated with the latest practices used in aromatherapy.

Salary Range:

Annual income earnings of aromatherapists or aromatherapy associates can range from $15,000 to $45,000 depending on the field that they are practicing. Arometherapists and aromatherapy associates usually employ various kinds of practices as well as natural healing methods. Hence, their salary rates differ greatly.

Job Outlook:

Skilled aromatherapists and aromatherapy associates would find great income opportunities by working as independent practitioners. Aspiring aromatherapists and aromatherapy associates must establish a good reputation and a solid network of clients in order to succeed in this field.

For aspiring aromatherapists and aromatherapy associates, make sure o look into our extensive list of aromatherapy schools to find the program that suits you well!

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