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Nurse Anesthesiologist

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Careers in Alternative Health Care

Want a career in medicine but don't want to get boxed into a conventional medical career? With the right medical career training you can find yourself in alternative health care. Learn what jobs are open to you in alternative medicine today.

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Medical Career Salaries

If you find yourself contemplating a career in the medical industry learn what your career options are in this field. With medical career training, learn how much you could be making as a medical professional.

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Job Security in Medical Careers

With the economy starting to show signs of resurgence and employment increasing in various fields it's important to find out the state of job security in the medical industry. Learn how to get your foot in the door of a medical career with technical training that will land you a job in medicine. Soon you will be on your way to a rewarding job in the medical field.

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Healthcare Management

The healthcare industry is growing at an exponential rate in the United States, and the need for qualified professions is stronger than ever. From finance and billing to lab technology and specimen handling, the opportunities abound for individuals with the know-how and drive to move forward in this highly lucrative field.

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Holistic Medicine

From acupuncture to healing touch therapy, the holistic medicine field has developed into a major industry alongside traditional remedies. Medical schools and hospitals alike are beginning to recognize the importance and impact of these non-traditional healing methods, and as a result the demand for qualified practioners is on the rise.

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Medical Assistants

Medical assistants are one of the most important points of contact for any patient receiving healthcare. They are highly skilled in clinical or clerical medical procedures, and most importantly, are caring individuals who take pleasure in helping others.

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Ultrasound Technology

The innovative development and application of this technology has made a major impact on the way our medical practioners examine and treat patients. The improvement of standard practices and enhancement of existing methods make technology a crucial facet of modern medicine, and make those who understand its application in high demand. Hospitals and doctors' offices alike are looking for qualified technicians every day; improve your skill set and benefit from technology's advances today!

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Importance of Knowing Spanish as a Medical Assistant

The job of a medical assistant usually includes working directly with patients before and after they are examined by the doctor. The assistant is the first person to greet a new patient and prepare the patient for the doctor. When an assistant is fluent in Spanish, he or she can prepare Spanish speaking patients more quickly and efficiently because there will be no confusion between the assistant and the patient.

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