Career Training Academy

With 3 locations in Pennsylvania, the Career Training Academy provides its students with hands-on training from experienced professionals in various Business and Health Care Administration fields, as well as in Massage. It is the Career Training Academy’s mission to fully equip their students with modern necessities that will allow them to excel in their careers. The academy provides short-term, highly advance curriculum that will make you an attractive prospect to future employers.

In order to give you the field-related experience companies are looking for, Career Training Academy sets up you up with an externship -- an invaluable means of working in the real-life setting of your chosen field, whether it be a hospital, massage clinic, or business office. With these benefits, your success is nearly guaranteed. The academy is extremely confident in your success, that they offer the Graduate Quality Assurance Program. This program provides free instruction to any graduate who is found to be inadequately trained for their position.

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