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Job Description:

A cytotechnologist is a trained and skilled professional who examines cells to diagnose cell abnormalities that may indicate the presence of developing illness, or a serious disease. Although detecting malignancy is the main responsibility of cytotechnologist professionals, they also take on other important duties that include:

  • Preparation, assessment, and interpretation of various specimens
  • Assisting physician in obtaining cell specimen from patients
  • Maintaining close collaboration with laboratory technicians and other healthcare professionals
  • Teaching and educating patients
  • Laboratory management
  • Performing diagnostic test that include cell samples like pap smear and biopsy
  • Conducting extensive medical research on terminal diseases and other pathological illnesses
  • Rendering accurate lab evaluations to aid physicians to plan the appropriate treatment

If you want to work as a professional cytotechnologist, it is a must that you possess the following qualities:

  • excellent aptitude for detail and high sense of responsibility
  • ability to work independently and for long periods of time
  • top-notch problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • can work well even under pressure
  • reliable and can deliver quality work
Work Environment:

Most cytotechnologist professionals are employed in private laboratories that are run by big companies, or in healthcare facilities that have special oncologist units. Cytotechnologist professionals spend most of the day sitting in front of a microscope evaluating different kinds of cell specimens. They normally utilize advance and specialized laboratory equipments to effectively examine the collected cell samples.

Education and Training Requirements:

Aspiring cytotechnologist professionals are advised to take foundational courses that give emphasis on biology, physical science, algebra, chemistry and physics. Moreover, aspiring cytotechnologist professionals are required to earn a bachelor's program from an accredited cytotechnologist school to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge needed to perform their duties appropriately. Although regulations vary from state-to-state, it is highly recommended that they get certified to increase their chances of finding excellent career opportunities.

Salary Range:

The annual salary earnings of cytotechnologist professionals can fall anywhere from $41,000 - $50,000. While those who have acquired more experiences, certifications, and pursued higher educational degrees can earn up to $60,300 annually, or even more. They also enjoy sign-on bonuses and relocation packages as form of incentives from generous employers.

Job Outlook:

It is projected there will be a 17% increase on the job demand for cytotechnologist technician over the coming years. Additionally, excellent job prospects will become available, while salary rates are expected to increase due to an immense amount of vacancy that needs to be filled.

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