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Job Description:

Dialysis technician professionals are skilled in setting up and operating hemodialysis machines. The primary function of dialysis technicians is to administer hemodialysis treatments to patients experiencing kidney failure.

The general tasks and duties of dialysis technician professionals include the following:

  • closely monitor patients during dialysis
  • ensure that patients feel comfortable while dialysis is ongoing
  • prepare the dialysis machine and supervise patients during the procedure
  • ensure that the dialysis machine is working properly
  • create dialysis report to be submitted to the patients' physician
  • safely operate the dialysis machine to efficiently remove wastes, salt, and excess water from the patient's blood

Most dialysis technician professionals are closely supervised by registered nurses especially those working in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Work Environment:

Dialysis technician professionals typically work 5 days a week and 8 hours a day. They are commonly employed in dialysis centers, public hospitals, and private healthcare institutions. Moreover, they maintain a professional and good working relationship with other medical staff.

Education and Training Requirements:

To be able to work as a professional dialysis technician, aspirants are required to have at least a high school diploma. Formal training and education can be acquired in numerous community colleges, vocational schools, and dialysis training centers. Dialysis technician courses range from vocational, certificate, up to graduate programs.

Although most dialysis technician aspirants are trained on the job, it is still advised to gain relevant experiences through apprenticeship and internship programs. Those who are aiming for higher positions should pursue continuing studies programs to create more room for advancement.

Salary Range:

Income rate of dialysis technician professionals is typically based upon years of experience, expertise, geographical location, and practice setting. Hourly wages of dialysis technicians according to length of service include following:

  • less than a year - $10.07 - $12.60/hour
  • 1 to 9 years – $11.26 - $15.97
  • 10 to 20 years or more - $13.88 - $19.61
Job Outlook:

Dialysis technician aspirants can expect a promising future filled with lucrative job opportunities. In fact, it is projected that job demand for dialysis technician professionals will steadily increase until 2012. Hence, excellent job prospects will be available for aspiring dialysis technician professionals, especially those with relevant experiences.

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