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Job Description:

Holistic dentistry gives deep emphasis on the use of non-toxic restorative materials in different dental applications. The concept of holistic dentistry is centered on the premise that when an infection occurs in the mouth this can disrupt the normal function of the whole body. Unlike traditional dentistry, the holistic approach tries to connect the relationship of the mouth to the rest of the body.

A holistic dentist avoids the use of invasive chemicals because they considered them as poisons to the body. That being said, holistic dentist practitioners do not follow the traditional way of filling amalgams and cavities. This is because they perceive the materials used by conventional dentists as toxic. The truth is the filling used in traditional dentistry is made up of about 50% mercury. Mercury, as you all know, is a very dangerous and poisonous substance. Hence, holistic dentists refuse to use these fillings when treating their patients. Instead of just focusing on the gums and teeth, they are more concerned on the patients' entire well-being.

Work Environment:

Most holistic dentist practitioners prefer to practice their profession independently. Meanwhile others are employed in dental offices and clinics. They follow the typical work hours, but they sometime offer evening and weekend dental services to accommodate special client appointments. In general, they work in a well-lighted, comfortable, clean and clinic-based environment.

Education and Training Requirements:

To become a holistic dentist, you need to gain knowledge about traditional dental practices, which will be followed by the specialization to holistic dentistry. It is important that you first satisfy a bachelor's degree program from a reputable university in order to become eligible to enroll in a good dental school. You have to acquire a degree as a Doctor of Dental surgery before you take the licensure exam so you can legally practice the profession. After that, you have to incorporate holistic procedures in your dental practice to be recognized as a holistic dentist.

Some take special courses in homeopathy and holistic methods to have a better understanding about the holistic dentistry.

Salary Range:

The average annual income of holistic dentist practitioners is around $110,000. Holistic dentist practitioners who are just starting their business should expect smaller income in the first couple of years since putting up a functional dental clinic is extremely expensive. But overall, income opportunity for aspiring holistic dentist practitioners is very lucrative.

Job Outlook:

Greater income opportunities are waiting for holistic dentist practitioners who plan to practice independently. It is vital that holistic dentist practitioners maintain a good reputation to create strong client base in order to gain more earnings. Meanwhile, those are working in clinics and offices will also receive reasonable salary rates.

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