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Job Description:

Home RN professionals generally provide care to patients at the comforts of their own home. They fulfill the same nursing duties as with RN's working at the hospital but the difference is that they are the ones who visit the patients at home and not the other way around.

The general duties and responsibilities of home RN professionals include the following:

  • administer medications, IV fluids, and shots as per doctor's order
  • assist patients with daily living tasks such as bathing, dressing, eating, and using the toilet
  • monitor the progress of the patients' condition
  • perform routine tasks such as checking vital signs, blood sugar levels, and monitoring I&O, blood sugar
  • accompany patients during scheduled check-ups
  • coordinate with the patient's physician to ensure that plan of care is strictly adhered
Work Environment:

Home RN professionals normally have flexible work schedules. Depending on their work setup, they may need to visit multiple patients in a daily basis. Meanwhile, there are also other home RN professionals who offer 24-hour home care service to patients especially those who are terminally ill. They work closely with elderly patients who refuse to stay in nursing homes, patients recovering from serious injuries, or those with disabilities.

Most Home RN professionals work independently, but there are also those who work for a medical company or some type of home-health agency. They can either work for a short-term or long-term period depending on the arrangement they have discussed with the patient's family.

Education and Training Requirements:

Most employers prefer home RN professionals who have earned a Bachelor's of Science in nursing degree, and passed the state board licensure exam. To qualify for any Nursing course program, it is mandatory that aspirants have a high school diploma.

Relevant experiences on home-health nursing will also help to boost their chances of finding lucrative income offers. It is also highly advised that home RN professionals obtain CPR certification since they will most likely need to use their knowledge about basic life support in case of sudden or life-threatening emergencies.

Salary Range:

Income rates of home RN professionals are greatly influenced by their educational background, years of experience, geographical location, and area of specialization. On the average, the annual salary of home RN professionals hovers around $46,281 - $93,100, with a median yearly earning of $66,286. Meanwhile, those who have acquired advanced certifications and additional trainings have better chances of earning more.

Job Outlook:

Employment outlook for home RN professionals is very promising. In fact, it is projected that work demand for home RN professionals will steadily increase in the coming years due to the growing number of people requiring care at home. In addition to that, the rising number of the elderly patients who prefer to get treatments at home will also prompt the generation of more lucrative career opportunities for home RN professionals.

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