Career Profile: Why Pursue an LPN Licensed Practical Nurse Career?

Nurse Anesthesiologist

Job Description:

LPN licensed practical nurse professionals work under the close supervision of physicians and registered nurses. They are tasked to provide healthcare services to patients with varying medical problems. They assume an array of duties and responsibilities that include the following:

  • check and record the patients' vital signs
  • provide direct bedside care, including wound dressings, enemas, and treating bed sores
  • observe patients' response to medications and report adverse reactions to their physicians
  • assist in the collection of specimens for lab testing (i.e. urine, stool, blood)
  • ensure that the patients feel comfortable at all times
  • gather vital information from patients, such as medical history, and medicine allergies

LPN licensed practical nurse professionals are mainly responsible for delivering individualized care to varying patients.

Work Environment:

Most LPN licensed practical nurse professionals work 40 hours a week, while some may have extended hours of work especially those working in 24-hour treatment care facilities. They are typically employed in various settings including hospitals, nursing homes, home-health centers, and other healthcare facilities. They spend most of their time tending to the patients' needs and monitoring their health progress.

Education and Training Requirements:

LPN licensed practical nurse aspirants must graduate from an accredited LPN program and obtain a license in order to legally practice the profession. A high school is mandatory to aspirants who wish to enroll in a LPN licensed practical nurse course program.

Numerous community colleges and vocational schools are now offering accredited LPN licensed practical nurse training programs. And most of these programs can be completed within 1 to 2 years.

After completing the LPN course training, LPN licensed practical nurse graduates must pass the licensure exam issued by the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN). Since eligibility for the NCLEX exam varies from state-to-state, it is advised that LPN graduates contact the state board of nursing where they plan to practice.

Salary Range:

Income ranges of LPN licensed practical nurse professionals vary greatly depending on their years of experience, geographical location, and practice setting. On the average, LPN licensed practical nurse professionals earn around $28,260 - $46,710 per year. Meanwhile, those who have obtained advanced certifications and participated in additional trainings can earn up to $53,580 annually.

Job Outlook:

It is projected that work demand for qualified LPN licensed practical nurse professionals will grow faster than other medical professions. In fact, job growth will increase by 21% until 2018, in lieu to the increasing demand of patients requiring long-term care as well as the rising number of the aging population.

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