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Job Description:

Midwife nurse professionals are trained and skilled healthcare practitioners that aid midwives or obstetricians during the birthing process. Their main duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • assist midwives or obstetricians during preliminary examinations on pregnant patients
  • ensure the safety of the baby by assisting the mothers all throughout the process of child-delivery
  • perform exams, entertain patient inquiries, and provide patient support
  • monitor the physical, emotional, and mental state of pregnant patients
  • assess and evaluate the mother's condition through physical findings and laboratory results
  • initiate post-partum examination after the baby has been delivered
  • ascertain that the baby is in good and stable condition
  • educate mothers on the importance of breastfeeding and how to take care of their newborn baby
  • conduct classes regarding child birth, pregnancy, and family planning
Work Environment:

Midwife nurse professionals may choose to work independently or they may seek employment from hospitals and private birthing clinics. They work closely with obstetricians or midwives to ensure safe child delivery. Moreover, they spend most of their time assisting in the birthing process or performing clinical consultations. Midwife nurse professional may execute child delivery in a hospital setting, a birthing clinic, or even within the patients' home. They normally instruct patients to stay calm as they help them go through the painful and exhausting process of child labor.

Education and Training Requirements:

Aspiring midwife nurse professionals must earn a bachelor's degree in nursing to qualify for midwifery training. After that, they have to complete an advanced midwife nurse program which will earn them a Master's of Science in nursing degree (MSN). In addition to that, they have to pass the licensure exam to become a licensed midwife nurse practitioner. Meanwhile, certification exams are also given to those who want to be a certified midwife nurse. Obtaining a license and earning certification will allow aspirants to gain a competitive advantage.

Salary Range:

Income rates of midwife nurse professionals are influenced by certain factors including years of experience, location, employer type, and practice setting. On the average, midwife nurse professionals earn around $70,725 - $79,433 per year. Meanwhile, those who pursued higher educational degrees and participated in additional midwifery trainings can earn up to $84,000 or more. Midwife nurse professional also receive generous work benefits that include license reimbursement, pension plan, paid vacation, and heath insurance.

Job Outlook:

The field of nurse midwifery offer lucrative income potentials for certified and licensed midwife nurse professionals. The growing number of mothers opting for natural child birth as well as those who prefer giving birth at home will prompt the generation of more job opportunities for qualified midwife nurse professionals.

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