Career Profile: Why Pursue A Health Nurse Practitioner Career?

Nurse Anesthesiologist

Job Description:

Heath nurse practitioner professionals are registered nurses with advanced nursing education and clinical trainings. They provide basic care to patients of all ages, from newborn, adults, and elderly individuals. Moreover, they are trained to diagnose and treat various kinds of illnesses or medical conditions.

Health nurse practitioner professionals shoulder an array of duties and responsibilities that include the following:

  • conduct extensive and focused physical examinations
  • identify the patient's problem and administer appropriate treatments
  • effectively manage the condition of patients and report any irregularities to the physician
  • interpret diagnostic results accurately (i.e. X-ray, EKG, lab results)
  • conduct proper assessment of patient's health to develop the right treatment plan
  • perform necessary medical procedures (such as IV placement, enemas) as per doctor's order
  • educate patients on the importance of treatment compliance
  • inform family members about the progress of the patient's health
  • closely collaborate with physicians and other healthcare professionals
Work Environment:

Most health nurse practitioner professionals work in a well-lit, pleasant, spacious, clean, and comfortable medical setting. They are typically employed in hospitals, home-health care agencies, nursing homes, private health clinics, schools, and health departments, while some opted to practice their profession independently.

Health nurse practitioner professionals may choose to work on a specific hospital department or medical area such as ER, OR, NICU/ICU, gynecology, and pediatrics. They spend most of their time interacting with patients and developing individualized treatment plans.

Education and Training Requirements:

Earning a bachelor's degree in nursing is the basic requirement to qualify for the advanced nursing program. In addition to that, aspiring health nurse practitioner professionals are also required to pass the state licensure exam. After satisfying these requirements, health nurse practitioner aspirants need to complete their advanced studies program to earn a Master's degree. Participating in additional trainings and getting certified is also highly recommended.

Salary Range:

The key factors affecting the income rate of health nurse practitioner professionals include the following:

  • geographical location
  • area of specialization
  • practice setting
  • employer type
  • educational background
  • years of experience

The average annual earnings of most healthcare nurse practitioner professionals hover around $58,646 - $78,029. Meanwhile, those who have obtained higher educational degrees, advanced certifications, and relevant experiences enjoy receive annual income of $83,221 or more.

Job Outlook:

Work demand for certified healthcare nurse practitioner professionals are expected to continuously rise over the coming years. This growth is directly attributed to the expanding roles of nurses in the healthcare industry and the continuous need for healthcare services.

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