Career Profile: Why Pursue A Physical Therapist Assistant Career?

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Job Description:

Do you have the passion for helping people? Are you looking for a rewarding medical career? Do you possess superb interpersonal skills? If you answered YES to all of these questions, then a career as a physical therapist will suit you well.

A physical therapist is a trained healthcare professional that offers help to patients with physical restrictions. They treat patients suffering from diseases or disabilities to relieve pain, increase mobility, limit permanent physical damage, and restore normal function. A physical therapist closely collaborates with occupational therapists, psychologists, and physicians.

General duties and responsibilities of a physical therapist include the following:

  • thoroughly evaluate the patient's condition
  • develop appropriate therapy program based on the condition and needs of the patient
  • create exercises that will promote endurance, strength, body coordination, motor skills, and range of motion
  • use various kinds of therapies, including water, massage, and traction therapy to improve the patient's condition
  • train patients to use prosthetics and other orthotic equipments
Work Environment:

A physical therapist typically works in rehabilitation centers, hospitals, nursing homes, physician offices, and schools. They also enjoy a clean, pleasant, and spacious work setting. A physical therapist must always use an encouraging and cheerful tone when dealing with patients to boost their morale. In addition to that, they need to develop a strong physical stamina since lifting tasks are usually involved.

Education and Training Requirements:

If you wish to become a physical therapist, it is important that you earn a master's or doctorate degree in physical therapy. Applicants need to acquire a baccalaureate degree before they can qualify for the continuing studies program.

Most physical therapist programs offer foundational courses in biology, anatomy, physiology, exercise physiology, neuroscience, and pharmacology. Graduates will have to pass licensure examination issued by the state board in order to legally practice the profession.

Salary Range:

The income rate of a physical therapist depends heavily on work experience, place of employment, and geographical location. On the average, a physical therapist can earn around $50,898 - $78,070 annually. Meanwhile, those who have acquired additional trainings and gained more experiences can receive an annual earning of $80,919 or more. A physical therapist usually enjoys additional perks such as paid vacations, retirement plans, and health insurance.

Job Outlook:

The demand for physical therapists is expected to grow immensely until 2014. This significant growth is directly attributed to the growing number of patients requiring rehabilitative care and physical treatments.

Hence, start a rewarding career as a physical therapist today by sifting through our comprehensive list of physical therapist schools!

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