Career Profile: Why Pursue A Physical Therapist Assistant Career?

Nurse Anesthesiologist

Also called Physical Therapy Technician or Therapeutic Health Practitioner.

Job Description:

A physical therapist assistant professional is a trained professional that work under the close supervision of a licensed physical therapist. Their main task is to aid in providing individualized physical treatment programs to patients. In general, they are responsible for improving the patients' overall health and fitness.

The routine tasks and general responsibilities shouldered by a physical therapist assistant may include the following:

  • assist physical therapists in administering treatments to patients to improve mobility and relieve pain
  • document patients' responses to treatment and relay progress to the physical therapist
  • supervise patients when doing exercises and other physical activities
  • prepare equipments needed for the scheduled therapy
  • maintain cleanliness and organization of the treatment area
  • administer massages, electrical stimulation, and paraffin baths to patients
  • do a few administrative tasks including completion of insurance forms, answering phone calls, and keeping track of supplies
Work Environment:

Physical therapist assistant professionals are typically employed in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and physician offices. They enjoy a pleasant, comfortable, and clean work place. Since physical therapist assistant professionals spend most of their time assisting and tending to the patients needs, it is vital that they keep a friendly, cheerful, and pleasant demeanor. They usually work 40 hours a week with occasional extended hours of work.

Education and Training Requirements:

A high school diploma is mandatory for physical therapist assistant aspirants. Formal training and education can be acquired from various community colleges and vocational schools. Most aspiring physical therapist assistant professionals pursue an associate degree in physical therapy which can be completed in 2 years. Depending on the state where you plan to practice, you might be required to take a licensure exam before you can legally work as a certified physical therapist assistant.

Salary Range:

Income rates of physical therapist assistant professionals are influenced by certain factors including place setting, size of treatment facility, experience, and geographical location. On the average, most physical therapist assistant professionals are earning around $24,110 - $37,890 annually. Meanwhile, those who have pursued continuing studies program, and acquired relevant training receive annual earnings of more than $52,110. They also enjoy excellent benefits in the form of retirement plans, paid vacations, and healthcare insurance.

Job Outlook

The need for physical therapist assistant professionals is anticipated to increase faster than other medical professions until 2014. Great job opportunities are waiting for physical therapist assistant aspirants who completed accredited training programs. The significant growth on work demand will spawn from the continuous expansion of rehabilitation centers, and growing number of the aging population.

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