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Nurse Anesthesiologist

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Job Description:

Gong Qi Massage uses the same basic principles and beliefs of Chinese acupuncture and acupressure. The Chinese believe that throughout the human body there are specific points along a network of channels, which are called meridians. These channels direct the flow of “Qi,” which is the body’s source of vital energy. If the Qi is flowing in order, the body will function perfectly. However, if the Qi is blocked at a specific point, the body will cease to function normally, and that is when the malady occurs. Practitioners of Gong Qi massage use their finger pressure along these points in order to stimulate the body and rebalance the energy of the body, mind, and spirit.

Gong Qi practitioners work in spas, clinics, offices, and private practices, as well as make in-home visits to clients. They usually work a regular week, but may offer evening and weekend hours in order to better serve their clients. Their salaries vary according to location, capacity in which they are employed, and their client base. The growth outlook for this career is as good as that of any other career in massage therapy, which continues to increase as more people look for natural ways to relieve stress and treat chronic pain.

Classes in Gong Qi are often given in massage therapy courses, but are also offered as the sole curriculum in some areas. Gong Qi practitioners often incorporate this practice into their current massage practice, offering it along with other forms of massage therapy. All Gong Qi practitioners must adhere to the massage certification and licensing laws of their state.

For more information, see acupuncturist (for description of Qi and how it is stimulated) and massage therapist (for information on schooling, licensing, and ceritfication).

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